Joao de Deus

Joao de Deus, the best-known and probably most effective healer in the world is coming to Basel, Switzerland for the first time this summer 2013.


For more than 50 years the medium Joao has dedicated his life to the spiritual treatments of people who need help and he is coming to Europe again to share his energy with the visitors. Millions of people worldwide have been able to experience spiritual healing treatments at the Casa Dom Ignacio de Loyola in Abadiania, Joao de Deus’ center in Brazil.


There have been many reports of cases where physical or psychological suffering could be minimized or even eliminated. Joao de Deus carries out his spiritual healing treatments with love and dedication, without limitations of belief or religion.


He has touched the lives of uncountable people and is a messenger of love and healing for everybody who is asking. Each participant has the opportunity to personally experience the energy that is radiating from the medium.


Every day the dedicated and professional team around Joao de Deus tries to open our hearts with meditation, prayer, music and times of silence. During this event the participants will have the rare opportunity to experience the energy radiating from Joao. Most people describe even a short period of time within this high energy as a profound and fundamentally transformative experience.


Physical treatments are not taking place.

Renowned doctors and scientists from various fields have reported about examinations and experiences regarding the medium. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience one of the most amazing psychic mediums and phenomena of our time:


Travel information:
Beatrice Wiesli is a wonderful guide for journeys to Joao in Brazil.