Presenting the new Soulgate Essence

Phoenix  and Avalon Essence

Mind-Body-Spirit 29. April - 2 May 2016

at Olympia London Stand No D 24


Soul Gate Essences – powerful, yet gentle.

These essences have a subtle effect on our deepest auric levels.
They are a loving support from spirit to lead us back to our true home.
In increasingly chaotic times they have the power to bring us into our center, so we become aware of and live according to the original plan our soul, to serenely and mindfully master challenges and to increase our inner light.
In this way we can integrate the high energies which are flooding the earth and lovingly protected we can walk in our all-encompassing BEING.
As we reflect, contemplate, and have courage, we can find our very own soul path and when we walk it we are filled with deep inner joy.
SoulGate-Essences support us in living our creativity without limitations.