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Irina Kornilenko wrote on Sep 6, 2010 0:54 AM

SeelenTor-Essence Music and Vibration The essence of my music is:

Getting in touch with SeelenTor-Essence was at first just a sensation of a high and inspiring energy.

Only when I wanted to translate it into music, I was faced with an unprecedented challenge. So I decided to go even deeper. Deeper into the essence itself, but also deeper into all the outer aspects. Then I saw the wording: SeelenTor (“SoulGate”). And suddenly I knew that the name itself had shown me the key for understanding.

Today, after the SeelenTor-Music has been created, I know:

SeelenTor is an invitation, an invitation to open more and more for your soul and its wishes. And then you draw from it, from yourself, in everything you think, feel, talk, always deeper and deeper.

Irina Kornilenko – written by Matthias Hodel-Elfeldt (copyright MHE)

S.H. (Tuesday, 22 July 2014 16:13)

Thanks also to your spiritual helpers and to you for being so open for your inner guidance … to that I say YES, and I want to integrate it completely.

Warm regards,


(Friday, 14 February 2014 16:42)

I have received all 4 Essences

Rose: helps me getting out

Turquoise: raises me up

White: frees me from my permanent thoughts

Gold: connects me

I am grateful that they are available.

Regards, Tina-Milla V.

Michael Brieger wrote on Jul 13, 2010 8:48 AM

Effects and quality while meditating with the SeelenTor Essence, the Essence has the color vibration: Mary-blue strengthens the power of faith. The energy of dedication releases Mary-vibrations, it opens the door to the true divine self. Understanding strengthens tolerance, and through tolerance healing is experienced. The vibration increases the faith that there is a solution for everything. Mary-blue, this aesthetic color vibration creat

es color, sound and fragrance, it directly activates inner joy of the soul. Through the vibration of joy a fulfilling inner trust is awakened. Trust releases a power that opens the channel to your own soul and makes visible the heavenly plan before us. Through the light frequency of trust direct faith comes to us. We know that the things are.

Rose Giese wrote on Jul 1, 2010 7:22 AM

Aloha! I have felt the SeelenTor Essence very strongly. As a radionics practitioner I have also tested it with a wonderful result: effectivity = endless!!! Thank you. Rose Giese, energy-work for humans and animals

Hartmut Geiß wrote on Jul1, 2010 9:44 PM

Hello, Ms Schlamp; in my practice I work with healing energy and a woman came to me who had problems with the trigeminus nerve which had painful effects on her molar. She left my practice for half an hour so that I could inform water in order to help her. She returned totally transformed, felt happier than she had in years (her words). She was like on a cloud when I saw her out. Prior to her visit I had sprayed the room with SeelenTor Essence, as I always do. I had also sprayed into her aura and the result was amazing. Kind regards, H. Geiß, practice for healing energy

Hartmut Geiß wrote on Jun 23, 2010 9:28 AM

Hello, Mrs Schlamp; I had a young girl with intense allergies in my practice. After one hour in my rooms, which I had sprayed with SeelenTor Essence, her nose had stopped running and her level of wellbeing was so high that the girl did not want to leave. A very pleasant experience, for me as well. Kind regards, H. Geiß