New:  Avalon Essence " In the here and now"

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Supports you subtly to walk your own spiritual path in a grounded and light-filled way. Return to nature and feel held. Allow yourself to follow your path protected and confidently. Feel calm and supported, so that you are centered and grounded in your daily activities and you can absorb positive energy.

Open your heart and let Lady Avalon do her work. You are touched in a deep and transformational way, emotional patterns disappear and the source within you starts “bubbling”.

A re-connection to different levels within you and around you as well as an increase in vibration become possible.


New: The Phoenix Essence "Recovery

Available in our shop.

Subtly supports us in providing what is necessary after illness, emotional trauma or hurt. Helps get us back where we belong, giving us the confidence and strength to continue on our soul's journey.


Where there has been heartache, you will now experience joy. Where there has been weakness, you will now experience divine supported life force energy. Turn negative thoughts into positive actions. Rise and soar like the phoenix of ancient mystical times and enjoy the love of self once again.

Foto: Irma Streck " I give my live in god`s hand"

Copyright photo: Irma Streck,

Stonehenge inspired me to the Phoenix-Essence


Suddenly I had these signs on my skin

   I will give my life in gods hands
Ich danke der geisten Welt, das ich diese Phänomene weitergeben darf. Danke, Danke .....

Summer 2014

Kornkreis bei Raisting/Ammersee