New:  Bowl of light

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Supports us subtle

To clarify and resolve challenges so that you radiate pure divine light again.


"It is said that each of us is born with a bowl filled with pure, divine light.

 Due to the challenges of life, stones can be deposited in our shell and the light diminishes.

The essence supports us with more strength and clarity, gradually throwing all stones out of our shell,so that we are again flowed through by pure light. "


- Hawaiian shaman tradition -


Stonehenge inspired me to the Phoenix-Essence


Suddenly I had these signs on my skin

   I will give my life in gods hands
Ich danke der geisten Welt, das ich diese Phänomene weitergeben darf. Danke, Danke .....

Summer 2014

Kornkreis bei Raisting/Ammersee